Core data, stored together

iPoint allows you to bring all your core data together in one place to ensure it is easy to find, trusted and well protected.

iPoint's powerful corporate data store has the ability to store all types of wellbore data, including complex core images, rasters and other industry standard formats. It systematically standardizes and quality-controls this vast and varied data by applying business rules defined within the system. This ensures subsequent integration and management processes are effective.

With iPoint, you can overlay any sample analysis results over core images. This brings your data together effortlessly, providing a complete picture of your wellbore. From macro to micro.

Buy data once, use it forever

iPoint makes it easier than ever to keep track of your data.

A robust storage and mining system protects your data, making it easy to find, simple to access and usable in many GGRE applications. As a result, lengthy searches for specific data will be a thing of the past and you will never need to re-buy previously purchased data.

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Data in seconds

Examine all your data at the touch of a button. Fully customizable and intuitive displays allow data trees, lists, matrices, maps and charts to be constructed giving a high-level overview or detailed picture of your data – you decide. Identify gaps, data quality, assign statuses and intelligently batch export your data and images in a range of industry standard formats.

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Integrate everything

Integrate everything

Integrate your other platforms

iPoint’s inbuilt connectivity toolkit allows access to any corporate or application database. OpenSpirit and ENVOY enablement allows for integration with a wide range of applications. iPoint also interacts directly with Spotfire and ArcGIS.

Integrate your data

iPoint integrates every type of well data, so you can build a comprehensive representation of any wellbore. Interactive matrix views give at-a-glance insight into accessibility, quality and gaps across multiple datasets.

Robust security and protection of your data is a key benefit of using the iPoint system

Safeguard your important data

To keep your data secure, a flexible user model classifies users at various levels of authorization to regulate who has access to iPoint’s various functions. With over 30 individual permissions, the security model can be easily tailored to meet client needs and restrict access to projects and data when and where required.

iPoint's advanced audit system keeps a detailed log of any changes to wells, data and images. This coupled with a powerful reporting tool allows you to see the transition of your data with ease.

Standardize your data

Standardize your data

Once your data is stored in iPoint it becomes easy to manage, standardize, and cleanse. You can use advanced standardization and QC modules to create consistency among projects and data types from macro level data down to curve names, limits and units.

Create new datasets via export

Create new datasets via export

iPoint's Processing Point module allows you to create, export and tailor cross-discipline data types to your requirements. Select relevant multi-well data from a range of sources and combine it into a single, manageable dataset. With its intelligent export capabilities, iPoint allows you to export data in a preferred industry standard format, while incorporating additional options such as shifting, resampling, interpolation and a choice of datums.

Build your own toolkit, block by block

Build your own toolkit, block by block

iPoint is designed around a building block approach to give maximum flexibility.

The system suite allows you to define your own workflow by customizing your toolkit to your requirements. iPoint allows you to work with the processes, procedures and tasks you need, and eliminate the ones you don’t.

Track objects

You can define specific data from existing curves, overlays, images, charts and tracks in a layout. These can be saved as 'track objects' in your iPoint library. Once stored, they form the building blocks to help you rapidly build custom layouts.

Using the track object library, your canvas can be swiftly populated by dragging-and-dropping, creating a custom-built layout in seconds. And you can easily access and share track objects with colleagues.

Multiwell crossplots

iPoint puts you in total control of your crossplots, allowing you to drag-and-drop data, wells, fields or entire reservoirs onto a crossplot, and easily build up a full landscape of well information within a single chart.

More intuitive workflows

More intuitive workflows

iPoint has been designed to deliver an intuitive user experience. Compatible with industry standard systems and formats, this software package will fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Interactive data means many processes can be accessed through simple click or drag-and-drop operations so you can explore data in depth across the full spectrum of data management quickly and easily.

Speedier interpolation

Speedier interpolation

Once time-consuming, labour-intensive processes, interpolation and shifting can now be done on-the-fly. Powerful computational capabilities ensure data is accurately aligned with no interruption to workflow.

Sharing and Collaboration
  • Private
  • Public
  • System

Share and collaborate

iPoint’s intelligent data distribution capabilities enable seamless workflows.


iPoint’s database integrates with other corporate databases and applications,  eliminating the need to duplicate data. These effective sharing capabilities ensure all subsequent analyses are based on well-formed data.

Third-party connectivity also allows data be directly pulled from, and pushed to, outside applications.

Working together

Data can be shared with colleagues just as simply. Either share within iPoint, or distribute externally in a format compatible with standard working systems. Specific user preferences can be tailored to the individual user to eliminate time-consuming reformatting on receipt.

Data security

Not all data is appropriate to share. In these cases iPoint allows you to make sure sensitive information remains private.

Easier exporting

iPoint eliminates lengthy and complicated export processes. With intelligent export options, iPoint enables you to effortlessly batch export data in seconds. A choice of industry standard formats provides optimum compatibility with other programs to streamline your workflow.

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Now you can visualize everything

iPoint allows you to integrate all disparate wellbore data types into one valuable knowledge resource. Its superior integration capabilities allow you to manage and visualize a vast array of formats.

A selection of typical data types handled by the iPoint system

  • Core Analysis
  • SEM
  • Geochemistry
  • Biostrat
  • Measured Logs
  • Calculated Petrophysics
  • Picks and Zonal Intervals
  • PVT
  • XRD
  • SCAL
  • Thin Section
  • CT Scans
  • Directional Surveys
  • Drilling Parameters
  • Pressure Data
  • Lithology & Facies Data
  • Chemostrat
  • Core Images
  • Core Description Logs
  • Composite Logs
  • Mud Logs
  • Borehole Images
  • Sedimentology Logs
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Drilling & Mud Logs
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