View multiple data types

The iPoint suite enables co-visualization of all wellbore data types making it a valuable tool for geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, drillers and data managers alike.

Displaying multiple datasets and types in one easy to navigate multi-scale track display, iPoint transforms disparate sample sets, often stored in a range of locations, into comprehensive visual representations of the downhole environment.

Building cross-section views is quick and intuitive. iPoint’s data integration abilities allows you to connect to any wellbore data store, native or otherwise. With iPoint, you can integrate anything from high-resolution core images to wireline logs.

  • Core Images
  • Raster Log Images
  • Sample Points (e.g. Hg Inj, Pc)
  • Digital Data
  • Core Descriptions
  • Document Reports
  • Sample Images (e.g. SEM, TS)
  • Image Logs (e.g. FMI, OBMI)

Identify trends

iPoint allows you to switch seamlessly between micro and macro levels to easily view individual samples in the context of a wider trend. Intelligent charting capabilities allow you to configure chart formatting specifically for purposes of trend identification.

Align all your multi-scale data

iPoint allows you to integrate and visualize independently scaled sets of wellbore data.

Synchronizing individually scaled images and digital data on-screen, iPoint instantaneously aligns by measured or true vertical depth. It also allows you to easily adjust each scale, on-the-fly, to gain ultimate correlation understanding across several disciplines. Try it for yourself by clicking and dragging the line on the right.

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Multi Scale Data

Interactive by default

iPoint is not your standard plotting package. It was created around the principle that everything should be interactive to enhance user interpretation.

Dynamic visualization

Data points are encoded as live links, enabling easy synchronization and navigation between raw data, depth-based displays and key sample analyses. This all amounts to data that is easier to use effectively.

Thin bed analysis

iPoint's combined interval fill and fill analysis tool provides an innovative way to interpret and explore laminae and thin beds within a core, where these might otherwise have been overlooked due to the shoulder effect. Based on a series of dynamically interpreted thin beds, iPoint calculates a number of statistics with additional range options including specified intervals or formations.

  • Total number of thin beds
  • Total coverage
  • Thickest and thinnest thin bed
  • Average bed frequency
  • Average bed thickness

Crossplot synchronization

Our dynamic system frees data from the confines of tables and disciplines, using it as a relational point for the synchronization of your other data.

Your workspace, your configuration

iPoint allows you to configure your workspace to your individual needs, giving full workflow control. A range of customizable features allows users to create, edit, populate and administer the iPoint system with ease, delivering the very best end-user experience. Various configuration options can be viewed using the buttons below.

‘Create your own’: 

  • Data
  • Markers
  • Defaults
  • Templates
  • Well correlations
  • Log splices
User Configurable
More detailed interpretation

More detailed interpretation

Aggregating data with iPoint means you can make decisions that take every relevant factor into account.

  • Thin bed analysis
  • Correlation and markers
  • Shifts
  • Statistical analysis
  • Regressions
  • Calculated curves

Intelligent drawing and charting capabilities allow you to instantly transform data into interactive plots, with formatting automatically applied from the depth-based displays. These color-coded visuals instantly add a layer of meaning at-a-glance, providing value to your interpretations.

iPoint's streamlined processing means interpretations can be run and re-run without significant time cost, allowing you to definitively identify and thoroughly explore all trends and anomalies.

Layer your data

Layer your data

iPoint allows you to effortlessly paint data on top of data to create a different interpretive view. 

Visualizations can be overlain with additional information such as colour-coded picks, petrography points and facies-intervals to highlight trends and accentuate particular points of interest. Live sample spots allow simple right-click access to full sample information, within which you can add notes, observations and link documents to aid contextual interpretation. 

Layering macro and micro levels allows for easy contextual investigation of points of interest.

Our products and services have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the wide range of professionals who collate, manage and utilize wellbore data

More intelligent navigation

iPoint makes the synchronization process far easier. Simply drag the depth reference line to your chosen point and watch each uniquely scaled track instantly align to the same depth. This makes it easy to hone in on areas of interest and gather information from corresponding data in different sets.

Intelligent navigation also lets you move easily through sample points and data ranges and instantaneously jump to another sample. 

‘Hanging on tops’

Users can lock scrolling at a particular point of interest or syncronize on user defined markers. Grouped tracks will independently scroll subsets for well correlation analyses.

Our iPoint product suite provides powerful Co-Visualization of any wellbore data type, allowing such a varied audience as Geologists, Petrophysicists, Geophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Drillers and Data Managers to benefit from a single tool and interface with tailored workflows.

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Make your data more dynamic

With iPoint, data is no longer a static entity. Data points are encoded as live links, enabling easy synchronization and navigation between raw data, depth-based displays and key sample analyses. These dynamic features in iPoint not only makes your data easier to use, it makes analysing your data more effective. For a dynamic demonstration, get in touch with us.

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Control your workflow

Control your workflow

Because work can be done independently in a working dataset, away from the master data, iPoint puts you in control of your own workflow. Make decisions and changes instantaneously with the freedom to adjust analyses numerous times with no loss of momentum.

You can also streamline your workflow by reusing blocks of work, carrying forward all formatting so you don’t have to repeat any work done to date. And intelligent sharing capabilities allow your data and programme settings to be shared with colleagues instantaneously. Unnecessary, costly delays are a thing of the past.

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Now you can visualize everything

iPoint allows you to integrate all disparate wellbore data types into one valuable knowledge resource. Its superior integration capabilities allow you to manage and visualize a vast array of formats.

A selection of typical data types handled by the iPoint system

  • Core Analysis
  • SEM
  • Geochemistry
  • Biostrat
  • Measured Logs
  • Calculated Petrophysics
  • Picks and Zonal Intervals
  • PVT
  • XRD
  • SCAL
  • Thin Section
  • CT Scans
  • Directional Surveys
  • Drilling Parameters
  • Pressure Data
  • Lithology & Facies Data
  • Chemostrat
  • Core Images
  • Core Description Logs
  • Composite Logs
  • Mud Logs
  • Borehole Images
  • Sedimentology Logs
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Drilling & Mud Logs
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